The relationship-centric platform that connects companies and contributors.

Less Friction. Less Nonsense. Less Talk.

More Interesting.


BETA now open for contributors and companies in US, UK, and Canada!

How Does SwQuity Work?

Companies Post About What They're Building

Contributors Discover Companies

Companies Solicit Help From Contributors

Contributors Are Rewarded For Helping Companies

Easy, Secure Payments After Work Is Completed

WHAT Is SwQuity?

SwQuity is the Get S#!t Done platform that matches founders with skilled contributors to launch ventures.

Within the platform, companies attract contributors to help round out their teams, provide support, or complete tasks.

Contributors look for opportunities to join interesting projects to polish their skills, build their portfolios or resumes, earn money or equity for their contributions.


SwQuity Is The Hub For Entrepreneurial Engagement And Involvement

Key Features:
Launch Surveys

Capture the voice of the market. Hear from your prospective users and customers.

Source Task Completion

Find contributors to help you get things done. Building a website, writing copy, writing code, etc.

Enchant New Fans

Tell your story, share your struggles and successes  Рand engage directly with fans.

Fill Roles

Connect with people eager to join your team and help close skill gaps.

Understand Market Sentiment

Collect data, observe trends, and poll the community directly.

What Makes SwQuity Different?

Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

As with many great ventures, we’re solving our own problems. We are experienced entrepreneurs and freelancers. We’ve been there, we are there – we get it.

Less Friction

Companies have easy access to their connected contributors directly on the platform. Launch surveys, messages, and announcements of new tasks to the contributors who WANT to work with your company.

Relationship Centric

UpWork doesn’t work. It’s task centric, narrow and shallow without much regard for the company freelancers. We believe (and have confirmed) that the majority of contributors prefer to work for companies they like.

Data-Driven Insights

From viewer sentiment to success correlation metrics, we are focused on slicing, dicing, and presenting actionable data to help companies make informed decisions.

Our Team

Luke Williams
CEO & Founder

  • Startup Advisor and Mentor,¬†Multiple-Time Founder
  • Vast experience in executive management
  • Author, “#Live20: Experiencing a Focused Life”

Mat Mozer
CTO & Co-Founder

  • Experienced Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Code Instructor

Ryan Getz

  • Community Builder
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Blockchain Evangelist

Frequently Asked Questions

SwQuity is great for companies who are getting started and need to fill key roles, need to outsource tasks, and want to hear from the market. SwQuity helps founders efficiently create fanbases of contributors who want to support and work on their projects.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded people. We've seen a tremendous response from start-up founders as well as enterprise executives. On the contributor side, we will see nerds, salespeople, fans, and those who simply want to provide support to interesting projects.

We're always looking for talented people to support and contribute SwQuity. We'd love to have your support on social media and there will be lots of opportunities to earn money by helping SwQuity on SwQuity (we'll be eating our own dogfood after all).

Squid-E. The name comes from the combination of the words Sweat and Equity.

It costs nothing to be on the platform. It costs contributors nothing to apply for roles or tasks. It costs nothing for companies to build fanbases. It only costs companies when they post a role, task, or survey.

The short answer is any. We are focused on startups but that doesn't mean only startups can join. If a company needs/wants support from contributors, they are welcome to apply to join.

Companies need contributions of all types: team members, task doers, feedback providers, mentors, investors, volunteers, and fans. If you can support companies, you are a contributor.

This was an early quesiton from the dev team. Luke said " F#$@ an algorithm, let's let the contributor decide what they like let's not tell them what they like...also, let's reward the companies that sign up early and make sure they get the most views"